A team allows collaboration between multiple people. It is a group of members who have access to the same spaces, files and knowledge.

All users can create an unlimited number of teams. All teams created by default are free and comes with only 1 seat included.

It cannot be shared with others until the plan is upgraded. Each user is entitled to 100 free credits for the first team created at onboarding. Subsequent teams come with 0 credits.

The user who creates the team will be the team's owner by default. A team can have multiple owners.


If you would like to upgrade your free team to a paid plan, go to your team settings and press Upgrade under the Subscription & Billing tab.

Paid teams must have at least one member.

Any additional included credits with the plan upgrade will be prorated to your team balance.


If you decide to downscale the number of seats in your team, the newest members of the team will immediately lose access.

The changes to seats will take effect immediately and not at the end of the current billing period. Your current credit balance will continue to last till the end of the billing period.


Seats are the number of people that can be in a team. One account can only take one seat. If you wish to more members on your team, you need to increase the number of seats available in your team by updating your team's plan.

Seats are referred to as quantity on the Stripe portal. To increase the number of seats or change your plan type & frequency, go to the Subscription & Billing section of your team settings and click on Manage.

You will be redirected to your Stripe customer portal to update your plan.


To invite an existing user to your team, go to the Members tab in your team settings.

All invites currently do not expire. You can view and revoke existing invites from the Pending Invites tab under Members.

Accepting Invites

If you have been invited to a team, go to your personal settings and click on the Invites tab to see the list of pending invites.

You may choose to accept or decline an invite.


All payments are processed securely through Stripe. We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

Receipts will be sent to the team owner's email from Stripe.

Roles & Permissions

Each team member's role can be set from the team settings. See Roles & Permissions for information.

Only the owners of the team can manage billing. There must be at least one person with the owner role in every team.