Sources are the data Decosmic has access to. Decosmic will always take the most relevant sources as context to form its response if no specific source is selected.

There is no limit to the number of sources you can import. However, you are limited to the amount of storage space that your team has.

Manual Imports

We currently support the following formats

  • Word documents
  • Powerpoint slides
  • CSV sheets
  • Individual webpages
  • Crawling websites (each page is considered as 1 document)

Each document imported costs a one-time fee of 5 credits regardless of the amount of content and file size. Learn more.


Integrations have a long-term connection to your data source. Re-train Decosmic with the latest revisions of your data easily with a click of a button.

The following integrations are coming soon

  • Google Drive
  • Notion

Summaries & Maps

For every source imported, a short summary and map is generated automatically. This can be accessed from the Library tab and clicking on each individual source.