A space is a container of files, notes and documents that are related to each other. A team can have unlimited spaces to group their files.

Transferring Spaces

If you want to transfer your existing space to another team, go to the space settings and select the new team under the Danger Zone.

You can also transfer spaces easily from your team settings under the Spaces tab.

All of the access for existing space members except you will be revoked.


To transfer a space, you must:

  1. be an owner of the existing team the space belongs to
  2. be an owner of the space
  3. be an owner of the new team you are transferring to

Roles & Permissions

To add a member into a space, they must be in the team that the space belongs to.

Each team member's role can be set from the space settings. See Roles & Permissions for information.

All members have inherit permissions by default. There must be at least one person with the owner role in every space.