Test your knowledge or your team's knowledge by creating a quiz.

Quizzes can be created by owners and admins of a team. All team members with edit access to the space can attempt quizzes.


Create a quiz by selecting a source to form the quiz on. Configure the settings like the title, number of questions, difficulty, time limit, and the question types.

Question Types

True/False QuestionsInclude true false questions in the quiz.
Multiple Choice QuestionsInclude multiple choice questions in the quiz. Multiple options, one correct answer.
Multiple Select QuestionsInclude multiple select questions in the quiz. Multiple options, multiple correct answers.
Fill in the Blank QuestionsInclude fill in the blank questions in the quiz.
Short Answer QuestionsInclude short answer questions in the quiz.
Open Ended QuestionsInclude open ended questions in the quiz. Long form answers.
Sequencing QuestionsInclude sequencing questions in the quiz. Arrange in order.


Whenever someone attempts and submits a quiz, Decosmic will automatically mark the quiz and provide feedback to improve.

Quiz attempt credits are immediately deducted when an attempt is started, not when it is submitted. Any quiz attempts abandoned halfway will still be charged.

Decosmic appears on the right side if you have any further questions about the quiz questions or feedback.