Chats allow you to ask anything with all your sources at the same time. Decosmic will have access to the sources as context to form its response. It supports an unlimited amount of sources in one chat.

If you would like to chat with specific sources, you can select them from the source list. Multiple source selection is coming soon.

You can also select 'No Source' if you decide to chat with the vanilla model with no context on your sources.

Image Upload

You can upload a single image of not more than 5 MB and include it in a message to ask for anything related to the image.

Multiple image & file upload support will be coming later this year.

By enabling the Web Search toggle, Decosmic will attempt to search the web for the most relevant search results relating to your message.

The references used will be cited in its response.


The references list appears after every message is finished. It only shows the references used for the most recent message in the chat. Web search results will also be included in this list if enabled.

The list is currently not stored on our servers, therefore the list of references used for past messages in not accessible.



The fastest, most compact model for near-instant responsiveness. It answers simple queries and requests with unmatched speed.


Strikes the ideal balance between intelligence and speed, delivers strong performance compared to its peers.


Powered by GPT-4o, the most advanced multimodal model that's faster and cheaper than GPT-4. Solve difficult problems with greater accuracy thanks to its broader general knowledge and problem solving abilities.


Select a custom model from the list of available models. These models are for advanced users who know what they're doing and want to experiment with different models.

Not all models support image inputs. Free models are heavily rate-limited and depends on availability. AI model providers generally store prompt data transiently or not at all. Data is only stored on Decosmic.


Chats are currently not shared between team members.