The credit system is a currency used in Decosmic. Credits can be used to perform jobs that involves AI generation. This includes magic notes, file uploads and chat messages.


These are the current rates charged for each task when used.

Chat (Standard)2 credits / message
Chat (Boost)12 credits / message
Chat (Super)13 credits / message
Import (Document, Website)5 credits / import
Magic NotesCalculated at generation
Quiz2 credits / question
Quiz Submission1 credit / question
Map1 credit / generation

Team Credits

Credits are shared among all members of the same team. Anyone that spends a credit in a space belonging to the team, will be charged to the team's balance.

For every additional seat added, the base credits will multiply accordingly. E.g. If you are on the Pro plan, and you have 6 members in your team, you will receive 12,000 (2,000 x 6) credits per month. This means each member has at least 2,000 credits to spend.

Maximum credit spend per team member is currently not available. Credits are used in a shared pool within the team.

On Demand

If you run out of credits included with your plan, you can purchase additional credits in bundles of 1,000 from the team settings. This is a one-time purchase.

Credits bought on demand will never expire and carries over automatically.

Carry Over

Any unused credits that comes with the base subscription in the current billing period does not carry over to the next billing period. E.g. If you purchase a monthly plan, the credits do not carry over to the next month.

If you are on a yearly plan, your entire year's of credits will be disbursed only once at the start of each billing period. It will last through the entire year.

Subscribing to the annual plan will be more cost effective if you do not utilise the full monthly credits, allowing you more time to spend the total balance in a year.

Transaction History

All transaction history is available to admins and owners of teams for record purposes. Total credit spend is not available in the interface, instead export the data into .csv and do the data manipulation in Excel.