Pages are for your notes. Write and share pages within your team seamlessly. Generate them automatically when you need it.


Pages support the standard markdown format. Additional options like text color and background color are also available in the toolbox.

Slash Commands

You can format the document easier with slash commands by typing / at the start of a new line.


If you want to export your page as markdown or PDF, type / on a new line to open the slash command menu. Select the Export to Markdown or Export to PDF option.

Magic Notes

Decosmic can help you generate notes for you based on a selected source. It will create a summarized form of your content in bullet form, while retaining the important details.

This option is only accessible when creating a new page. More options will be coming soon.

The credit cost to use magic notes is calculated before you confirm to proceed with the generation.


Decosmic will try to suggest the next sentence as you type. If you like a suggestion, press [TAB] to accept it.

Otherwise, pressing any key will discard the suggestion.

This can be turned off on a page-specific basis in the page settings on the top right of every page.

Ask Decosmic

Decosmic appears as a purple button in the editor. When you click on it and if there is any text selected, Decosmic will use the selected text as context for the response.

A list of preset options are available in the menu dropdown. If there are none that suits your needs, you may type in your own message to request an action for Decosmic to perform.

You can select a list of sources that will be used for the context of the response. If All Sources is selected, the most relevant sources will be used.


Decosmic helps you look for research papers on any topic you need. Search for the topic and select the most relevant one to cite from. It will then download the paper and find the most relevant information, then paraphrase and cite the paper for you in the format you want.

The citation style can be changed on a page-specifc basis in the page settings on the top right of every page.


Sharing pages between members of a team is currently not possible. This feature is planned for Q2 2024.