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  • Integrates with your data
  • Data not used for training
  • Chat & inline editor
  • Up to date with search the web
  • Research papers and cite for you


  • Provide context for every new conversation
  • Uses your data for training
  • Chat only
  • Out of date knowledge
  • Research and cite

Teach AI you and your data

You personal AI assistant that knows your files better than you do.

Context Aware
Decosmic knows your files better than you do. Upload PDFs, Word, PPTs, CSVs and images.
Magic Notes
Take notes automatically from your files and turn a 2-hour task into a 5 minute job.
AI Editor
Spend 80% less time on writing minutes, reports and papers with the world's most powerful editor.

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See the big picture.

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Know Your Files
Create quizzes, flashcards and concept graphs to understand the content of your files better.

What is linear algebra?

Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of vectors, vector spaces...

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Ask any question on any page and get instant answers.

Superpowers for your data

Chat with your data, code documentation, meeting minutes, internal files, reports, lecture slides and everything else!

Every document you upload comes with a personalized summary and graph. Import PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoint slides, CSV files and websites.

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The file content discusses aspects of writing a reader response, such as understanding reader response, writing steps, and strategies for analysis. It outlines the APA citation style guidelines and provides examples and tasks to help enhance understanding. It includes tasks like identifying analysis strategies, writing a response, and writing a conclusion based on a given article. The file includes information on synthesis, reporting verbs, incorporating sources, and tasks for utilizing the APA citation style in practice, along with references and self-learning activities. Overall, the document aims to guide readers in effectively writing reader responses while emphasizing analysis, synthesis, and proper citation practices using the APA style.

Your AI powered text editor

Create a productivity powerhouse with Decosmic.

Write at the speed of thought. Decosmic integrates with a powerful editor that helps you write faster and better.

Stop writing notes

Automatically generate notes from your files. Take notes without writing any. A 100 page lecture slides? No problem.

Writes with you

Never write alone. Get autocomplete suggestions as you type and iterate your paper with the help of Decosmic.

Research has never been easier

Write and cite straight from the editor. Search for relevant papers and Decosmic will paraphrase and help you cite in the format you want.

Stop memorizing

Create quizzes on your files and find out what you know and what you don't. Practice makes perfect.

Testing your knowledge in a real test will help you to better identify your knowledge gaps, and learn faster from mistakes. Let's see if you were paying attention.

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Word Documents

Powerpoint Slides

CSV Files

All of the Above

See the big picture

Learn more about your files and how they are related.

Decosmic helps you map out the relationships between multiple files. Understand the links between your files to learn faster.

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Decosmic is fully optimised for mobile use.

Access your knowledge anywhere at anytime. It has never been as convenient.

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Decosmic is your second brain that helps you find and remember information.

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